3 Brilliant Ways to Brighten Your Bathroom

Illuminate Your Sacred Space With These Helpful Tips

brighten your bathroom


When it comes to interior design and lighting consideration, the bathroom is typically not your first thought. It is not uncommon for clients to shop for elegant chandeliers and beautiful fixtures for the rest of the house, leaving the bathroom as an oversight and settling for a basic lighting. But why? After all, the bathroom is where you spend the most time looking at yourself, which is best done under the right type of lighting.

At Lights & More, we want our clients to appreciate the time spent in their bathroom, which can be easy if it is bright and inviting. Even smaller bathroom spaces with no windows can feel comfortable with the proper lighting.

Enhancing Your Bathroom Lighting

Traditional, over-the-vanity lighting or clunky overhead fixtures can often crowd a space, especially a typically smaller room such as a bathroom. In many cases, bathrooms are devoid of windows or may have very little access to natural lighting, which can create a dark, stuffy environment. We find that many clients have difficulty choosing the best type of lighting fixtures for their bathroom and, just like them, we want to help you understand the dos and don’ts of bathroom lighting to help you brighten the space as best as possible.

Avoid Casting Heavy Shadows

One of the biggest problems clients face with bathroom lighting is finding a light that eliminates vanity shadows. When you rely solely on an over-the-mirror type of fixture, you are bound to get unsightly shadows around your features, which can make it difficult to get a closer look when grooming or applying make-up. Not to mention, it can give you a more aged appearance then you truly have. Instead, opt for eye-level mirrors. Two wall-mounted fixtures on either side of your mirror are an excellent choice to help brighten your face and the area around the mirror.

Consider LED Lights

Not many people consider the possibility of installing LED lights in their bathroom. As many do understand the benefits of LEDs, some don’t see the point for use in more than a common area. However, LEDs can prove to be more versatile, and in some cases, more affordable than traditional incandescent lighting.

For example, if wall-mounted lights are not an option, you can opt for a strip of LED lighting placed around the mirror or tub to help illuminate that area. They are often much smaller than traditional lighting fixtures, so you don’t have to shrink your space by installing a large overhead. Plus, LEDs can cut energy usage by almost 80%, which means more efficient output and a cheaper energy bill for you.

(h4) Focus on the Type of Lighting You Want

Another important factor to consider when trying choosing lighting that will brighten your bathroom is the layers and lighting style that you want to use. Many clients opt for a combination of them to help truly maximize their space and style.

  • Task lighting. This type of lighting illuminates what is considered a “workspace” or an area where detailed work will be done, such as around the mirror or tub.
  • Accent lighting. Accenting is a great way to showcase features in the bathroom, such as artwork or plants, while adding depth to the area.
  • Decorative lighting. As it sounds, this type of lighting is simply for looks. It can help enhance the overall appeal of the bathroom or help to tie together a theme or color scheme.
  • Ambient lighting. This term refers to softer, gentler lights that can fill the room without being overwhelming. The goal of ambient lighting is to offer your bathroom an attractive glow.

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