4 Radiant Lighting Ideas For a Newer and Fresher Living Room Look

Discover the Different Styles of Lighting that are Making a Big Splash in Today’s Interior Design

When it comes to decorating the living room, many designers and decorators have a tendency to focus solely on the furniture, layout, and decor of the room. However, it is important to remember that proper lighting can have a huge effect on the overall outcome of the room. If not carefully selected, the lighting in an area can make the whole room feel small, create unsightly shadows, or simply not provide enough light to dark areas.

At Lights & More, we offer our customers the highest quality lighting selections from all over the world. Our talented lighting consultants are always available to help homeowners and interior designers alike find the perfect pieces to bring out the best in their living room spaces.

Bring Out the Best of Your Living Room

The ideal assortment of lighting in a living room comes down to creating the perfect layers of light. This can be achieved through the three basic styles of lighting: task, ambient, and accent lighting. These work in different ways:

  • Task lighting helps to illuminate work zones or specific areas of the room
  • Ambient lighting can provide the room with an overall light source
  • Accent lighting can be used to highlight decor or furniture in the room

This helps to minimize shadows, uneven lighting, and dark spaces while bringing an overall radiance to the appearance of your living room. If you are in the market for a new living room look, try incorporating some of these fun lighting ideas to help bring a newfound sense of illumination to your new living room!

Recessed Fixtures

An excellent way to highlight those particularly stylish areas of your living room, such as a fireplace or a wall of beautiful paintings, is with recessed lighting. This lighting option offers a no-frills, simple-but-bright solution and can house powerful LED bulbs that deliver crisp lighting. The type of fixture you desire can be tailored to fit your new living room decor.

Pendant Lighting

If you wish to provide both visual interest and a source of illumination, pendant lighting fixtures are an excellent way to combine function and design to deliver a breath-taking finish. Since pendant lightings hang from the ceiling, they can bring the lighting source closer to where it needs to be while providing its own pizzazz to your living room.

Floor Lamps

A great example of task lighting, floor lamps help to deliver light exactly where you need it, like the end of a couch or next to a desk. These are not lights that you will be using all the time, but rather when necessary. When you opt for an attention grabbing choices, such as a pharmacy floor light or an arc lamp, you can not only bring a modern feel to your room, but you offer functional lighting options that can change the way you use your living room.

Decorative Lamps

When all’s said and done and you are in the final stages of your living room makeover, it is time to decide on decorative lighting. These choices are often small but can help tie together the entire decor or simply add that “finishing touch” to your room. Decorative lighting can appear in many forms, including table lamps, chandeliers, or work directly with furniture pieces, such as mirrors with lamps.

Tying Together the Final Product

At Lights & More, our qualified lighting consultants can help you find the best lighting solutions to brighten any room in your home or office. From traditional lighting to home decor and furniture, we have everything you need to turn your house into a home. You can view our extensive display of lighting by visiting us at our Tampa store or browsing our catalog online!

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